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Odoo; An Open Source ERP Software to Automate your Business

Automate your business with Odoo ERP software. The customized solutions will serve each and every need as if they were built to fulfil them.
Open ERP Software Development Services

Binding your business with the best ERP software available is something which will gain you a lot of time which is now spent on managing multiple applications to handle different departments. Odoo open source ERP software will be the perfect choice as it has the most sought after features in the industry today. Automating your business and uncluttering the messy management procedures is now possible by developing and implementing a customized Odoo ERP software.

At Mindster, we develop the Odoo ERP software which suits your requirement the best and ensures that it runs without any glitches. We stitch together the required modules after making the necessary customizations to make the solution the perfect fit for your business in every possible way. Odoo implementation has also becomes impler with the advancement in technology.

Odoo ERP Modules
Inventory Management

Odoo ERP software has many modules and inventory management is one such module. With this module, the business will be able to track the inventory from supplier to the customer without any loss or confusion Tracking can be activated for further surveillance. Also, products can be listed based on the scanned barcodes and orders can be tracked from anywhere with Odoo inventory management module.

Project Management

Odoo project management module helps you to organize, schedule, plan and analyse the various projects at hand. Assigning resources and managing the available time without losing even a single second is possible with the agile project management module in Odoo. Integrating this module will be a wise choice if you are undertaking multiple projects at once.

Customer Relations Management

With the efficient Odoo software, managing the leads, sending quotes and managing the pipeline is going to be easier and hassle-free. With the live and automated chat features, this module will make the communications effortless. CRM is much more than just communication, storing customer details, scheduling meetings, report preparations and many more features are part of the Odoo CRM module.

Finance Management

With Odoo ERP software, managing the finance department of any business has become easy. From a simple journal entry to managing budgets, finance management Odoo module will assist you in many tedious accounting tasks. The robust and brilliant finance and accounting software is considered to be one of the best support software for businesses of any size.

Odoo Apps
Odoo POS

Odoo POS software is simple and reliable. It helps you to set up a new store anywhere anytime with just internet access. Once the setup is complete, the store can work online.

Odoo CRM

Odoo customer Relationship Management(CRM) module helps you to manage yours leads in a hassle-free method. Converting a cold lead to a client is easier now with Odoo CRM.

Odoo HRM

Automating Human Resource Management is a cakewalk with the Odoo HRM module. With the software, HR managers can oversee all sensitive information, receive alerts, make necessary information public,etc,.


Odoo POS Restaurant module assists restaurants in handling multiple customers at once. Also, product sorting and bill splitting is possible with this module. Booking is available for customers to save time.

Odoo Development Process

Requirement Analysis

We know that research is the key to deliver the perfect end product. So we ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. We sit with the clients and understand their needs and how they need them to be taken care of.


Based on the research data we’ve collected from the client, we decipher a plan that suits best with the requirements. We design personalized modules and understand how each change works to solve the situation.

Develop & Configure

Now that we have a clear plan on what the customer wants and how they want it, we develop the Odoo modules. Our expertise in developing flawless code will catalyze the process.

Quality Check

Once the designing of the personalized Odoo solution is done, the next step is the testing. Our experienced testers will ensure that the software works flawlessly. Nothing will skip their surveillance.


It’s time for the show. We deploy the fool-proof solution and there you go! Now on, managing your business is hassle-free and fast. Our best developers will work hard to get you your perfect solution.

Support & Maintenance

Mindster offers 24*7 support for our clients. We ensure that the products perform with the same initial perfection till the time you need it for your business. Our engineers will help you with any queries or confusions.

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